New Plans in Store for Lakewood Ranch in the Near Future



Lakewood Ranch can expect a variety of new sites and sceneries in its future.


In a Lakewood Ranch Business Alliance Meeting, Rex Jenson, Schroeder-Manatee Ranch CEO & President, spoke of some future improvements for the quaint town.
Jenson spoke of a possible land swap with the Lakewood Ranch School District that could lead to a new High School, next to the Premier Sports Campus in Lakewood Ranch. A site for Kindergarten-Eighth Grade was also being considered.


Schroeder-Manatee Ranch is said to construct 28 miles of roads in Lakewood Ranch over the next 4 years, with 9 miles in Sarasota County and 19 miles in Manatee County.
A popular topic being talked about lately is the new Waterside development in Lakewood Ranch. This 30,000 acre community will be similar to Lakewood Ranch’s Main Street, including local markets, festivals, parks, shopping and restaurants.
The groundbreaking for Waterside Place should begin early 2018, with a main focal point being an 8-acre park located on a 36-acre peninsula. Other main attractions will consist of a Performing Arts Center and a Farmer’s Market.
Jensen says that the bridge over I75 that will connect Waterside to Cattleman Road to the west is 60% planned. Model Homes in Waterside will open between June and September.
In 2016, 778 homes were sold in Lakewood Ranch, giving it the title of fourth fastest-selling, master-planned community in the U.S.