Sarasota Ranked one of the Top Cities to Retire in Florida

Sarasota was recently ranked the ninth best city in Florida to Retire by SmartAsset; a financial technology company. This is no surprise to Sarasota’s year-round residents who spend their days soaking up the sun and lounging on fluffy white sand.


In figuring the top retirement locations, SmartAsset took a look at local tax rates, specifically income and sales tax. They calculated the effective rates based on an average retiree’s annual earnings at about $35,000 and spending their disposable income on taxable goods. They then took the number of doctor’s offices, recreation centers and retirements centers for each area and compared that to the total number of seniors in a given location.


Sarasota caters to a wide variety of age groups from millennials to seniors, offering great downtown attractions and activities on Main St,  as well as different forms of art and culture such as the Van Wenzel Performing Arts Hall. Sarasota and it’s surrounding areas including Lakewood Ranch, and Bradenton are consistently destinations for Spring Break and Family Getaways, making their way to the top of many rankings of places to Visit in Florida!