Sarasota County Once Again Named 3rd Healthiest Region

Yet again, Sarasota County pulls ahead in Florida’s Healthiest Regions! Giving us another reason to love where we live.


For the 3rd year in a row, Sarasota County ranked 3rd in the state of Florida for length and quality of life. Sarasota County also landed the #2 spot in “Heath Factors” which is a combination of lifestyle habits, medical care, regional socioeconomics and the environment.


and excels nationally its low number of preventable hospital stays. The county has a reputable supply of doctors and dentists, catering to the residents including the 80% who have health insurance coverage. Chuck Henry, Health officer at the Department of Health in Sarasota County states that we have great hospitals and a great network of primary care providers, working hard to keep people out of the hospitals.


Sarasota Country is a leader in access to exercise opportunities and all of Southwest Florida has a lower percentage of cigarette smokers than Florida as a whole, while Sarasota County is 4% lower for adult obesity than surrounding counties.