by: Liz Ramos Staff Writer @ East County Observer
Sandy Shahinian. Photo by Liz Ramos.

Elves on the loose

Be sure to look high and low while

Elves on the loose

Be sure to look high and low while walking Main Street at Lakewood Ranch to find the 19 elves hiding.

Businesses dressed elves in costumes before putting them out for people to find.

“I chose a lady bug because lady bugs are a sign of luck, and we’re wishing everyone luck in the holidays,” said Sandy Shahinian, the director of community marketing for Lakewood Ranch Communities.

To play in the Elf on the Shelf contest, find entry forms at the Fish Hole or the Lakewood Ranch Information Center.


Drive-thru baby shower

You’ve heard of drive-thru fast food and drive-thru ATMs. But what about a drive-thru baby shower?

Eileen Buzzard and Trish Newman. Photo by Brendan Lavell.

The Lakewood Ranch Women’s Club held its Friendsgiving Drive-Thru Baby Shower on Nov. 18 at Main Street at Lakewood Ranch. The event was coordinated by the club philanthropy chairs Eileen Buzzard and Trish Newman.

All donations were given to SOLVE Maternity Homes. The collection took place Nov. 18, but the women’s club also collected items at five designated drop-off residences in the days prior to the drive-thru.