It still seems surreal that our world is facing a pandemic that has us all living our lives in new ways. Our kids are being schooled at home via “eLearning”, some of us are working remotely from home and either really liking it or really hating it, Church is being LIVE streamed into our homes, our workouts and yoga are being done on our lanais and in our garages, “dining out” is now picking up and taking home, and the grocery stores continue to be wiped clean of essentials that would still be on the shelves if we were living through a hurricane!

We have to watch what we touch, stay 6′ away from other humans and self quarantine if we think we may be infected. At any given time of the day, the streets are a lot quieter (which has been really nice), parking lots are completely empty and lights are off at most places we pass by.

And although it’s all unfamiliar and a little eery at times, the sounds of kids playing outside, the sight of families walking and biking and the reconnections happening all over the world are heartwarming. Our earth is healing, our waters are clearing, and the damage that humans cause are starting to somewhat reverse themselves. They say there is a silver lining in everything, and if you look close enough, I would have to agree.

What blessing have you found as you stay at home and social distance? Have you reconnected with friends and family? Are you finding it easier to self care? We’d love to hear what blessings have come into your homes as we all try to stay safe and sane. Stay safe and in good health… until next time.