The Concession — One Visit and You’ll Know You’re Home

Join me as we take a look into the influence and design of John Cannon’s, The Victoria. British West Indies architecture certainly came into play in the early stages of this home design. Because of this influence, The Victoria is serene and sophisticated, with an understated elegance.

Perfect Moments at The Victoria

Close your eyes and allow yourself to be transported inside The Victoria. Just off the great room and dining room, a gallery walk awaits. This draws you into your temperature-controlled wine room. Imagine this dedicated space to house your favorite vineyards from Napa Valley and Tuscany. After choosing the perfect Cabernet to pair with dinner, you make your way to your expansive kitchen. Here you have plenty of space to prepare a true chef’s rendition of Fusilli with Artichoke Hearts and Parmesan Cream — one of your favorites. (Is your mouth watering yet?) The Concession Real Estate | John Cannon Homes Victoria Wine Room

From your kitchen, magnificent views lead to the outdoor living area which awaits. Dinner has been served, the wine has been flowing and the space outside is calling to you. It’s a beautiful 65° evening in southwest florida, perfect for a poolside fire while relaxing in your gazebo and nibbling on some homemade cheesecake (paired with nice Riesling, of course!). The peacefulness of the surrounding preserve and the shimmering stars along with the gentle glow coming from the fire pit, have you completely relaxed. Even Duke, your loyal Labrador, has found a cozy spot to enjoy the evening alongside of you. Knowing that you are expecting visitors tomorrow, you enjoy just a few more moments of serenity in this space before heading inside. Sweet dreams as you drift off into a restful sleep in your rich and luxurious Master SuiteThe Concession Real Estate | John Cannon Homes Victoria Master Bath

Start Your Day Surrounded by Natural Beauty

The sounds of birds chirping outside The Victoria, softly wake you the following morning. The sun is shining and the sky is blue — another perfect Florida day. Knowing that in just a few hours the voices and laughter of family and friends will soon echo through the house, you draw a nice warm bath, open the disappearing sliding glass doors and let the rays from the sun dance on the water, warming you as you relax for just a bit longer. Afterwards, you sneak away to the bonus lanai off of the outdoor dining space and sip on a freshly brewed cup of coffee. The aroma from your cup awakens your senses and fill you with an energy to begin the day ahead.

There’s a knock at the door and the first guests have arrived! A beautiful entranceway initially makes them feel warm and welcomed. After the hugs and hellos, you show them to their own executive-sized suite offering plenty of room and privacy. Meanwhile, you receive a business call while your guests are getting settled, so you step into the study to give it your full attention. You hear the doorbell ring just as the call ends and you welcome the rest of your guests inside. After more hellos and hugs, they are led to two guest en-suites where they can freshen up and get unpacked. You invite everyone to reconvene on the main lanai to catch up and to make plans for the day.

The Concession Real Estate | John Cannon Homes Victoria StudyThe Victoria, Remotely Close to Everything

A few of you decided to run to the grocery to pick-up a few things. A short drive from The Victoria (7.7 miles) west on SR70 led you to EarthFare. A short list to fill — some weekend supplies, artisan cheeses and a few convenient snacks to have on hand. While out, you remembered you had a card to get out in the mail. A quick and easy stop at the Post Office took only a moment. Within minutes you, you are greeted by your friendly guard Mike as you pull up to the gate. He always has a smile and wave for the residents and their guests. Your visitors are delighted to see a couple of deer grazing in the grass as you drive down Lindrick Lane. Once the groceries are unpacked, you enjoy a leisurely afternoon poolside and decide on a casual and more intimate dinner at the ClubhouseThe Concession Real Estate | John Cannon Homes Victoria Cabana Bar

As the ladies are getting dressed for dinner, the men gather at the outdoor cabana bar and you serve an aperitif of dry martinis. Your buddies are anxious to get on the golf course in the morning and play on the the 7th best course in the state of Florida, ranked by Golf Digest. Similarly, the ladies have a grand day planned. Starting with a spa day at The Met on St. Armand Circle, followed by lunch at The Shore and shopping the many boutiques and specialty stores in downtown Sarasota.

Savory Bites at the Clubhouse

Everyone is ready, so you hop in the car and drive the short mile for dinner. You are greeted by friendly staff and seated at what seems like the best table in the house. You enjoy the view of the 18th hole as you skim over the menu and decide on a fresh lobster and avocado dinner salad. As you all enjoy the tasty and well-presented selections from the Bistro’s menu and the flow of conversation, the excitement of what tomorrow holds continues to build. After dinner, you move outdoors and enjoy the fire and a final night cap. A short drive back to The Victoria and you’re home, ready to unwind and settle in to dream about what tomorrow will bring. Savor every moment at The Concession.