The first day of school for most kiddos in Manatee County is officially in the books. Summer came to an end in what seems to be a blink of an eye and it’s back to the routine of bus schedules, car pools, homework, and after school activities. Social media feeds were plastered with “first day back” photos of munchkins ranging from Kindergarten to Senior year — some showing excitement, others showing dread. With the new school year unfolding, East Manatee County is privileged to have a new school to add to its roster. Mona Jain Middle School in Lakewood Ranch opened its doors to approximately 637 students for its first school year, mostly relocating from Haile, R. Dan Nolan and Braden River. This will allow each school a bit more breathing room a more manageable capacity on each of their campuses — which means better student / teacher interactions which is certainly a win-win for everyone. These pre-existing schools have been running at over capacity, which certainly didn’t help with the pick-up and drop-off lines or the necessity of using portables in leu of their main buildings for certain classes. With all things new, there is always that element of the unknown and temporary sadness of saying good-byes… however, this change seems to be one that will impact our community in the most positive ways.

We do hope everyone’s children had the BEST “first day” no matter which of our schools they are attending. This week will be a transition for everyone, including those of us who do not have children of our own. With that being said, please be sure to give yourself a bit more time to travel during the week and watch your speed as our young ones make their ways to school and home.

If you’re reading this and are a resident at The Concession, we’d love to see your “first day” photos on our resident Facebook page! If you are not a member, but live within our community, please go to our page and send us a request to join!

Middle School Enrollment in East County

2018-19 Enrollment

Haile 1,173

Mona Jain N/A

Nolan 1,127

Braden River 1,073

2019-20 Enrollment Projection

Haile  879

Mona Jain  637

Nolan  978

Braden River  940


Haile 897

Mona Jain 1,164

Nolan  924

Braden River  1,095