U.S News just released its list of Top 125 Cities in the Country and Sarasota, FL has ranked in the the Top 20.

Sarasota has been ranked as the #1 City to live in, in the State of Florida and #18 in overall places to live in the Country!

U.S News determines each City’s score using a variety of factors including Desirability, Job Market, Value, Quality of Life and Net Migration. Sarasota scored an average of 7/10 for most categories excluding net migration, where the city scored a 10/10. There is certainly no sign of slowing down when it comes to new Sarasota residents.

Sarasota, FL is home to warm weather all year round, award-winning beaches and a booming cultural arts scene, which are definite contributing factor’s to the City’s popularity. With the influx of people moving from their colder-weather homes to Sarasota, the city continues to build more attractions, restaurants and retail space.

The Sarasota housing market has also been continuously rising and although it is more affordable than some larger cities such as Miami, the market shows it will continue its upward trend to accommodate resident’s luxury lifestyle.